Tess Regan

Tess Regan is an Interior Architect & Design Consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

Tess's boutique studio specialises in bespoke residential and hospitality interiors, with an intensely site-specific approach that is sensitive to her clients vision and requirements. Tess has worked both locally and abroad and each design draws on her expertise in integrating interiors, the building and its surrounds. Working in collaboration with other architects, consultants and design professionals, TRD has the professional knowledge and capacity to take on projects of any scale or brief and deliver cohesive and considered design-driven results.


The studio understands that each project and space has a unique identity, history and potential which should resonate through a honest and cohesive aesthetic. Seeing that each project is a reflection of client interests and aspirations she works closely with them, developing a strong relationship and understanding of their brief in order to deliver an innovation and profitable development that elevates the quality of their spatial environment. 

Tess believes that each space offers a new opportunity to create something special and through her love for honest materiality, natural light and creative functionality she is able to create a sense of connection and belonging between space and user. Her commitment to sustainable design ensures that each development achieves longevity for the client and minimises its effect on the natural environment. Through a sophisticated mix of re-use, refurbishment and new, innovative design elements, Tess Regan allows each space to become both an extension of itself and the clients character and lifestyle. At the end of the day, good design is about people that inhabit the spaces we create... so lets explore the potential, enjoy the process and live the outcome.